Hi and welcome to the third session of particle accelerators and i know all of you have questions and i am here to address them. So let’s get started.

 So you’re thinking hey this is redundant  and stupid i know what a particle accelerator is because of its name its a machine that accelerates particles.

      Well your right that it’s a machine that accelerates particles but does not simply speed up those little balls that everything is made out of. A particle accelerator uses electromagnetism to make particles move extremely fast in a vacuum and then cause those particles to crash with other particles to see what happens. There are two types of particle accelerator circular and linear both are used to shoot particles but on different scales. The linear accelerator can be found in the older tv’s that use cathode ray tubes as these get shot out to hit a target this is just one small size as linear partcle accelerators can be miles longer.  The first circular accelerator was made in 1929 and was extremly small only 10cm not even close to the size of particle accelerators now. The circular accelerator is a massive ring that work just like a linear except the partcles for the circular accelerators go around like being in a track thus being in a loop of increasing acceleration. The electromagnet that the particle accelerators use are made out of smaller magnet that have their domain in the same direction that causes the magnet to have extremely strong force while also using electricity to super charge the magnets even further.

     Then the results of the particle accelerator are separated into 3 different fields and intertwined subjects  that really benefit from a particle accelerator these fields are known as frontiers and they are the Energy, Intensity and the Cosmic frontiers. Thanks to particle accelerators scientist have been able to make huge discoveries in all three frontiers. Energy frontier has had the discovery of both the bottom and top half quarks (particles that make up protons and electrons) from particle accelerators. Other discovers that have been made with Particle accelerator is evidence of dark energy (not the same as dark matter) but made when the big bang happened. Particle accelerators are having many break thoughts not only in the 3 frontiers but also other subject not only in physics but also in medicine, industry and other arrays of research as well. One major projects that most labs are trying to complete is fining the god particle a theroectical particle that could have started the big bang this project will be researched even more in the near future.

  The three frontiers of Particle Accelerators

Fermilab facility

 Old particle accelerator with some what same design

 This is the layout for a linear particle accelerator that is underground

 Simulated event of particles colliding in a particle accelerator